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Take your business online with secure domains

As the digitalization of the world continues, many organizations have taken the initiative of moving their business over the internet. With domain hosting and RDP provision, you too can go live with your business today.

We provide domain hosting and RDP services all over the USA, UK, Europe, and Pakistan. Reach a wider audience today by taking the initiative and establishing an online presence so that you can create more opportunities to expand.

In this day and age having an online presence can determine the success of your organization. Along with being able to target a larger audience, you can also create an online presence and expand your horizons and not be limited to a singular office space. But creating an online presence can be an arduous and perilous journey. A single mistake may cause you to suffer immeasurable losses. So employing the current people for the job is the key to success. We at AmPakConSol can help you create the perfect domain where you can keep your information secure and easily accessible by clients, but only if you want them to.

What can we help you with?

1. Domains

The domain name of your website is one of the most important elements of your online presence because it is the first thing that the client is going to look at. We provide you with custom domain names and domain spaces that are designed according to your needs and budgets.

2. Hosting

The first question that pops up in your mind when thinking about hosting your information on the internet is security. Will your data be secure? Will the domain be responsive and help us convert possible clients?

3. Security

With the implementation of multiple layers of encryption and security measures, we promise you that our domains are as secure as they can get. We offer you different plans regarding hosting space which will cater perfectly you your budget and needs. Our highly trained IT personnel will make sure that every client that visits your domain will be treated exactly how we would treat clients of our own.

4. RDP

With going online, a new horizon with a magnitude of opportunities presents itself to you. One of them being remote hirings and employments. With our RDP services, we promise that you will never need to employ a team of IT specialists. Utilizing RDP for your company is much more cost-effective than hiring individuals and providing them with assets. With RDP you can hire people remotely and allow them access to respective information from their home work stations.

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